Socio Comercial

Te dedicas al diseño gráfico o desarrollo de paginas web.

Nuestro programa de socio comercial es lo ideal para tu empresa, tenemos paquetes a muy bajo costo para que tengas mayor ganancia y todo un equipo de soporte de respaldo.

1 to 4 sites

$ 7,000.00 installation and first year.
$ 2.500.00 each additional year.

5 to 9 sites

$ 6,200.00 installation and first year.
$ 2,200.00 each additional year.

10 + sites

$ 5,800.00 installation and first year.
$ 2,000.00 each additional year.


Hosting / Hosting
Annual income from the server.
Domain Registration
Annual registration of 1 domain .com or .com.mx
Additional domains (annual cost):
.com .net .org .com.mx .org.mx $ 300.00 c / u
Mx $ 650.00 c / u
.tv domains .lat specialized .Golf ask for cost.
Email / Email Accounts
Unlimited Email Accounts
Space available for email 10GB from all accounts.
You need more space there is no problem for $ 4,500.00 additional accounts with unlimited space.
Multi Admin Panel
To modify the content of the website very easy to use without hiring a programmer.
With ability to give users for the customer to modify any part of the site.
Technical support and specific programming.
Do not know how to do something or integrate your client requests something very specific, we will help you contact us.
Gallery Templates
Start with a template or create a unique design.
Responsive Mobile Site
Compatible with mobile devices
automatically detects if PC, smartphone, tablet and organizes and accommodates the content according to each device.


Performance, efficiency and elegance are the three key elements that make the digital platform daemons unique.

Control Design
modern templates
A growing library of templates elegant and modern.
Editor Drag and drop (drag & drop)
An intuitive drag and drop editor that significantly reduces development time.
Color Palettes
Complementary color palettes are extracted from an existing site and can be easily altered during editing.
HTML5 and CSS3
The editor provides full access to the code of a site for greater flexibility and control.
Font styles
More than 50 font styles are available for use in an entire site.
Edit By Device
Each item can be customized depending on each device, which provides complete control over the site.
Sections and Widgets
The editor provides pre-built rows that include a variety of widgets to further accelerate the design and development time.
Social Networking, Photo Galleries, videos and many more
Flexible navigation styles
Easily select from various styles of navigation for tablet and mobile.
Flat UI Design
A user interface flat is an increasingly popular design for websites and encourages customer conversion.
Upload a favicon to be shown on a browser tab.
Copy and paste
Copy and paste any element within a site.
Make radical changes or individual to fund a complete web site or row.
Mirroring Page
Make full copies of a page to use your design in other areas of a website.
Create an ultra-personalized Web page content will automatically change based on the proximity of a visitor of a business, the number of times they have visited the place, time of day and more.
Remove entire contents of an existing website. The initial will importall contentisplaced in a selected template. During editing, the additional content can beimported from a variety of sources on the web.
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